QCollector Expert For DTN IQFeed

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How far back does the DTN historical data go?
    From the IQFeed web site:
    "180 calendar days of tick (includes pre-post market) and several years of 1-Minute history (Forex back to Feb 2005, Eminis back to Sept. 2005, Stock/Futures/Indexes back to May 2007) retrieval for charting and time & sales data."
    Daily, Weekly and Monthly Historical data goes back 15 or more years (depending on ticker symbol).
    Read more about IQ Feed services

  • What symbols do I use for futures contracts?
    You can look up symbols for all futures contracts at the IQFeed web site.
    IQ Feed Symbol Formats

  • How do I download data for the first time?
    Read the "Getting Started" guide found under the QCollector Expert Help menu for a quick introduction to downloading data with QCollector Expert For DTN.

  • Why can't I see all of a file's data records in the QCollector data grid?
    For faster loading only the last few hundred records of a data file are shown in the data grid. To view all the records in an ASCII data file you can right-click on the grid and select Open File In External Editor. For MetaStock format data files use the Edit MetaStock Records feature to open the data file in the QCollector MetaStock data file editor.

  • How many data files can I keep updated in real-time using the timed updates feature?
    With an average computer and high-speed internet connection you should have no problem updating 500 or more data files in real-time.

  • Can QCollector automatically update my data files at the end of the day?
    Yes. Use the Scheduled Tasks feature to schedule a data collection to occur every day at some time after the markets close. Look up Schedule Tasks in the QCollector help index for more information.