Comments From Satisfied Customers

"I am very pleased with this software. Works smoothly and quickly, and is the perfect compliment to Esignal!" – Steve P.

"I am an avid user of NinjaTrader, eSignal, and QCollector. I also wanted to mention that QCollector is one of the most valuable pieces of software I use. I have collected terabytes of data that I use in my high frequency auto scalping." – D. N., Canada

"I just wanted to say how much I really like this program... Being a software engineer for over 20 years, I appreciate the solid programming that has gone into this." – Russ. S., California

"I use QCollector Pro For eSignal to download tick data every minute, from the open to close for 50 stocks. It saves my data in under 1 second and runs flawlessly every minute, every day with no problems. This program is priceless, thank you for such a top-quality product." – Dave K., BC

"I have been using this software for just about 10 years and just wanted to express appreciation for this great product. It has allowed me to fine tune my analysis and be in control of the data inputs. Thanks. " – Steve B., Colorado

"This is my first day on the market with QCollector [for DTN IQFeed] and the program works extremelly well. Above my expectations. I'm very very happy to have purchased QCollector.

I'm doing very well with it and also save me so much developing time. I'm actually up and running actually in two days. AMAZING!!!

I love QCollector. I can see you put a lot of effort to figure out what customers need and it is so efficient that I can't think about a better product for me. Thanks again and thanks also for the magnificent and efficient support!! " - Daniel S., Florida, USA.

"I use your great program to bring down 900 symbols and data on a daily basis, then I scan from my own custom VB scanning program. Believe me it all works, and I do very well... I love the Qcollector saves me hours each morning on setups (looking for what stocks I want to get into)" - J. Allen, FL.

"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that your QCollector for QCharts is an outstanding product!" - M.L., CA.

"Great software, I have really enjoyed and benefited from its use for quite a while now. Extremely useful to me on the world markets, not just US." - Mike L., TX

"Thanks for doing a great job with Qcollector. Your continued improvements are fantastic! The metastock format has increased ease of use ten fold... Thanks for a great product!" - Scott Klein, Honolulu

"Thanks for supplying us traders with a quality utility!" - Steve W., MI

"I have reviewed and created many applications for the industry. I am very impressed with how clean and intuitive your product is. Keep up the great work!" - Ross Ditlove, CEO MB Trading

"I've been using the QCollector demo and the product is absolutely brilliant. It exactly fills the gap I've had in my analytic setup. I'll soon be ordering it." - Douglas Christensen

"Delighted to hear you've added metaStock format. That's terrific." - Bruce A. Bowman

"Thanks to you folks for a great utility. QCollector has really made my life easier." - Allan Pace, WA

"Now that I have the programs up and running the way I want them, they are really excellent. A very nice bit of programming." - Paul Turner, UK

"Just wanted to let you know, your program QCollector is awesome!" - Alex Ragusa, HI

"Try QCollector... I use it on ten second intervals to feed S&P data to an otherwise EOD program with as my data feed. It's a pip! Works flawlessly with ASCII and MetaStock data. You don't even know it's there!" - Stuart A. Miller, FL

"My 900+ portfolio used to take about 10 seconds to update and now as close as I can observe the update time is about 1 second!!!! [running timed updates] I have no idea on what the practical limit is for portfolio size now!!! ...I think QCollector is a fantastic program. Thank you Dave, I wish more software vendors supported their products as well as you!" - Bob Scott, CA

"Dave, I am writing to compliment you on your excellent product, QCollector. I have been using it with and MetaStock for over five months now with great success. It's a real pleasure to use. It's quick and easy to download my stocks and futures data daily (both daily and intra-day data on around 600 tickers takes approximately 2-3 minutes on a cable modem). It's also very easy to add new items. I fill the holes in my data or refresh bad ticks with QCollector. It's some of the best money I've spent." - Dave Nadeau, Fort Collins, CO

"...this software is the best value I have ever bought for it's purpose. It does it's job and does it superbly! With over three thousand symbols and growing I have collected 1.7 gigs of data so far, I love this software." - Mark Brown, TX