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QCollector For QCharts

QCollector For QCharts

NOTICE: QCollector For QCharts is no longer for sale.

QCharts has been purchased by Interactive Data Corporation, the parent company of eSignal, and new versions of QCharts will run on the eSignal data network. This means that programs like QCollector For QCharts, which were built to run on the original QCharts data network (QFeed), will stop working when the changeover is finalized.

We recommend that QCharts users evaluate our QCollector Pro for eSignal program, which will work with the new QCharts 6.0 package using the eSignal Data Manager.

Licensed users of QCollector For QCharts will still be able to download the latest version of the program from our web site as long as the original QCharts data network remains online.

Subscribers to the QCharts real-time data feed can now use QCollector For QCharts to download data for an unlimited number of stock, futures, options or index symbols. QCollector saves the data to files on your computer where it can then be used by other trading programs for

Technical analysis

Charting and scanning

Running and testing trading systems

QCollector Screenshots


  • Download and save historical data for any symbol on the QCharts servers.
  • Collect intraday or end of day data, from yearly down to time and sales bars.
  • Advanced time and sales data collection. Save bids, asks, and trades, filter by exchange and more. Historical and real-time collection.
  • Save your data in ASCII text format or in the popular MetaStock data format for compatibility with most other trading programs.
  • Create portfolios of securities to simplify file management tasks.
  • Import lists of symbols into your portfolios from QCharts symbol files or from your own custom symbol lists.
  • Run timed updates during the trading session to keep your data files current with the latest real-time data from QCharts. Set the timed update frequency to run as often as every five seconds on hundreds of symbols.
  • Run a regular download at any time of day or night. All data files are updated to the minute (or second) using the most recent data available.
  • Schedule a time each day for QCollector to automatically bring all your data files up to date.
  • Export data to a file in Dial Data format. This feature allows you to create a file which includes data from multiple securities, where each line of data is prefaced by the security's symbol. You can then import this data into applications that support this format.
  • Convert single or multiple ASCII format data files to MetaStock format.
  • Copy or move multiple securities between portfolios.
  • User-friendly interface.


Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and a subscription to QCharts.

Trial Version

Download the free trial version of QCollector For QCharts to see how easy it is to collect data for use with your other trading programs. Requires a subscription to QCharts as described above.